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Can a Realtor Appeal a Licence Suspension Decision Issued By the Real Estate Council of Ontario?

When Challenging a Licencing Decision of the Real Estate Council of Ontario, Among Others, It Is The Licence Appeal Tribunal That Reviews Such Matters. Denial of Licence or Revocation of Licence, Among Other Things, May Be Challenged.
A Helpful Guide On How to Dispute Licence Denial or Licence Revocation At the Licence Appeal Tribunal

Lawsuit Document Involving Conspiracy Issues Making a living as a real estate agent is tough enough!  Fighting for the privilege to hold and maintain a licence from the Real Estate Council of Ontario can be time consuming and emotionally upsetting, especially when a person's opportunity to make a living is at risk.  Dispute issues may involve the denial of licence to a new agent to the suspension of a licence or even revocation of a licence all as matters arising from the powers prescribed within the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, Chapter 30, Schedule C, as the governing statute.

Avoid taking chances with your livelihood by getting professional legal help for your appeal of a Real Estate Council of Ontario decision.

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